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Get close!

Snuggle up with a book. Hug it out. Hold hands. Physical touch with those we love is a powerful force in busting stress. Touch can lower the heart rate and boost positive chemicals in our bodies. Time spent getting close as a family can be crucial in building the bonds that will help your kids get through future challenges.


Feel Better

When we talk about wellness, you may think of things like healthy food and exercise, but health in other aspects of your life such as your thoughts, feelings, and relationships are also important in living well! One way to think about this important elements of wellness is through the concept of resiliency. Basically, resiliency is our ability to weather the walk through the challenges of life and emerge with stronger and wiser. The factors that promote resiliency are the very things that add richness and joy to our lives: connecting with meaningful relationships, living a life of purpose, focusing on gratitude and hope, cultivating flexibility and creativity, setting and pursuing goals, and esteeming and nurturing ourselves.

The Feel Better Pillar of the Shelby County Wellness Alliance works to support, connect, and amplify efforts to build resiliency among those who live, work, and go to school in Shelby County. This includes shining a spotlight on the great work already happening in our community that promotes resiliency, offering education and resources, and building bridges to increase collaboration among leaders and groups.

Get Involved

Are you interested in learning more about the Feel Better Pillar? Contact Katie Sandquist with Myrtue Behavioral Health at katie.sandquist@myrtuemedical.org.

Get More Support

Are you facing a challenge that feels overwhelming? Myrtue Medical Center Behavioral Health Department has helpful services like counseling, community support programs, and medication management. Learn more at: www.myrtuemedical.org under Our Services: Behavioral Health or call (712) 755-5056.

Feel Better